We have 6 varieties of drawing books for the purposes of Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, Graduation Courses like Engineering, Architecture, Designing fields and other general purposes. They are popularly available with 40 pages size. However, customization with respect to number of pages can also be done.

ITEM Dimensions(in cm) Paper Used
Cartridge(Jumbo)-Brown 27.5 X 37.5 (4A Jumbo) Premium
Cartridge(Jumbo)-Yellow 21 X 29.5 (3A Jumbo) Premium
Cartridge –Green 24.5 X 34 (4A) Premium
Cartridge –Red 17 X 24 (3A) Premium
Lamination 3A / 4A Medium

Premium, Medium and Economy are based on weight of paper in Grams per Square Meter (gsm)